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We know very well that your company has always attached great importance to establishing a benign and mutually beneficial relationship with its partners and customers and is committed to building an honest business culture. In order to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, we solemnly promise:

1, we in the process of cooperation with your company, will abide by the business principles of good faith, not undermine the credibility of both acts. If due to our reasons to your company to devalue the reputation of the image devaluation, the affected or your company is willing to within the scope of the company requested by the ways and means, openly apologize for the time and double compensation for your company caused All the losses.

2. In the process of cooperation with your company, I (or the Company) and any organization or individual that I (or the Company) can manage and influence shall not provide any personal benefit or personal benefit to the staff of the Company, Including but not limited to the payment of rebates, red envelopes, cash gifts, gift certificates, securities, gifts in kind, loans, reimbursement fees and other benefits; provide hospitality, entertainment, tourism, inspection, special treatment and other benefits; provide themselves and their relatives, School, honor and other non-property interests; debt relief to themselves and their relatives and friends, to provide guarantees.

3. During the period of cooperation, if your company staff member asks for the personal benefit to me (or our company) and any organization or individual that we can manage and influence, we and we can manage and influence Any organization or individual should be severely rejected and immediately report to your company.

Report Phone: 0852-35718322

E-mail: sales@jtcorporation.com

4, as a violation of the above commitments, we will voluntarily pay to your company each 5-50 million yuan of liquidated damages, the specific amount determined by the company, double the compensation for any loss caused to your company, and borne by the All the consequences as well as legal responsibility.

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